hoops&yoyo Ruin Christmas (2011)

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hoops&yoyo Ruin Christmas

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Synopsis: Hoops and Yoyo wait up to see Santa, and inadvertently end up in his sleigh, traveling with him through the time-space continuum that allows Santa to visit everyone in the world in one night. When they fall off the sleigh part-way through the continuum, they find themselves back in time with a young Kris Kringle, who has not yet become the magical toy-giver we know of today. Their arrival back in time disrupts the natural order of events that will make Kris Kringle, Santa, forcing the duo into a desperate race to set things right so that the world will have its Santa Claus.
Director: Tony Craig
Writers: Bob Holt, Mike Adair
Stars: Bob Holt, Mike Adair, Bev Carlson
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