Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey (2013)

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Synopsis: Another long year’s labors have ended, and Logger Vick is “pining” for home. But he finds that his paltry savings won’t even get him a ticket on the train! Dejected but determined, he schemes to make up the difference with a tree-chopping frenzy! As the forest quakes under the weight of falling trees, Briar Bear and Bramble Bear rally their animal pals to defend against Vick’s latest campaign of destruction, and they use every zany trick in the book to gain the victory… until they discover that this time Vick’s actions are linked to a desperate plight to reach his beloved hometown for the holidays. Deeply moved by his predicament, the animals hatch a tree-free plan to make Ol’ Vick’s dearest dream come true! But with wintry weather, shaky transport, cross-country misdirection, and the might of the National Highway Patrol in the mix.
Director: Fuyuan Liu
Writers: Brian Bullock, Tachi Cui
Stars: Jenny An, Brian Bullock, Dorian Chen
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